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   About Us: Make a Donation

Gifts & Memorials

Your generosity will help us provide new books and programs for our thousands of library visitors each year.

The Cumberland Public Libraries is happy to accept your donation for a gift or memorial.

You may contribute any amount. Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt and donations of $25 or more are eligible to have a bookplate printed with your name (or the name of the person you wish to honour) and placed in a new Cumberland Public Libraries book.

Make a donation to honour a friend, colleague, favourite teacher, or to remember a loved one.

If you would like to speak to someone about making a bequest to the library please call (902)667-2135.

Donate online by clicking on the blue button below.


Books and other materials

All donations of materials are accepted with the understanding that the library is free to dispose of them in any way. Donations not added to the collection will not be returned.

ACCEPTABLE donations are those pertinent materials that will usefully augment the present collection.
UNACCEPTABLE donations include the following items:

  • Titles already owned in sufficient quantity to meet demand. These may include books on a particular subject matter, best-sellers, older or classical materials.
  • Text-books, encyclopedias, scientific and medical books older than five years; old almanacs.
  • Text-books beyond the basic level; i.e., up-to-date beginning algebra, chemistry, history, psychology, music, etc. texts may be useful for the general reader. Advanced material, however, is not always pertinent for the small public library collection.
  • Material in poor condition.
  • Abridged materials such as Reader's Digest Condensed Books, abridgements of classics or children's stories.

    Staff is able to politely decline donations that are not suitable.

    Receipts for income tax purposes can be issued on request. Receipts are given for only that material which is actually added to the library's collection.

    Official tax receipts, whether for cash or material donations, can only be issued at Headquarters.

    Materials which the Library cannot use, but which are in reasonably good condition will be placed in the ongoing book sales.

    Items donated become the property of the Library and will not be returned if the library no longer has a use for them.