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   Services: Internet Code of Ethics

The Cumberland Regional Library's mission is to promote life-long learning and recreation, fostering an appreciation of literature at all ages, by providing free access to the world of media and technology to the residents of Cumberland County . In fulfilling this mission the Cumberland Regional Library provides free public access to the Internet.

The Internet is a valuable tool that electronically connects users to a vast array of ideas, information, and resources from around the world. However, the Internet is unregulated and users must be aware that information on the Internet may not be accurate, reliable or current. The Library does not control the information accessed through the Internet and assumes no responsibility for such information. Children are entitled to access to the Internet and all facilities in the Library. Parents and guardians are responsible for children's access to the Internet just as they are responsible for a child's access to all library materials and services.

All users of the Library's Internet Services are expected to use the Internet in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided and are subject to the rules and regulations set out by the Cumberland Regional Library Board. Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right. The Internet user is responsible for their activity and actions. A breach of the Library's rules and policies may result in a suspension of library privileges and exclusion from the Library.

Cumberland Regional Library users are subject to federal, provincial and municipal legislation regulating Internet use, including the provision of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition and the incitement of hates. The use of the Library's Internet access for illegal purposes is prohibited, and may result in prosecution.

Examples of Unacceptable Use of the Internet:
  • Using the Internet for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.
  • Attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others; seeking unauthorized access to components of any network or database.
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene.