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   About Us: Lost & Damaged Items Policy

The Cumberland Public Libraries will charge the replacement cost of each lost item or item too damaged for continued library use in the judgment of library staff. If the patron notifies the library about the loss, staff will search for a replacement price. If no contact is made the following default prices will be charged:

  • Book - Non-Fiction $30.00
  • Book - Fiction $25.00
  • DVD -$30.00
  • Audio Book $30.00
  • Paperback novel $10.00
  • Magazines- $5.00
  • Library Card $1.00 for regular cards; $1.50 for key chain/card combos. Fee will increase to $3.00 per replacement when over 20 cards have been replaced for one patron.

    If an item is returned the replacement charge will be removed and an overdue fine will be charged. If a patron returns an item they have already paid the lost charges for the replacement fee will be refunded. If the item is returned but is too damaged for continued library use, in the judgment of library staff, the patron will be charged the replacement cost for the item.

    Patrons may not replace or substitute lost items.

    Patrons who lose items from another library system (e.g. Interlibrary loans) are subject to that Library's lost, damaged, or replacement policies.

    Revised: April 2019